Art in Unexpected Places

Patterns and colors of marine life from unusual perspectives

Exploring a dark shipwreck on the ocean floor, diving at night along a steep coral reef wall with no visible bottom or being submerged in the open sea with nothing in sight as far as the eye can see in any direction. In these moments, the last thing one might think about is art, but I am not here to photograph a fish or an animal that inhabits these places. I am here to capture the beauty of the place itself. Take a closer look, from a different perspective, and the beauty of life is everywhere. Candy colored encrusting sponges, live corals and an incredible assortment of miniscule lifeforms cover the surfaces of coral reef walls and shipwrecks like a living puzzle with a million uniquely shaped pieces in surprisingly vivid hues. Corals and other marine life have proteins that emit fluorescent light in different colors and artful patterns.

Coral Reef Walls


Open Ocean

Coral Fluorescence