Commercial Artwork

Jim Hellemn’s Art in Commercial and Public Spaces
In 2006, Jim Hellemn was commissioned to create a high resolution coral reef image for the Camana Bay Observation Tower, a five story public attraction in Grand Cayman, where visitors can now “walk” up a coral reef. This was the first of many commercial projects to come. Over the years, working with architects, builders, and interior designers, Jim’s artwork has been utilized in aquariums, museums, luxury resorts, public attractions and private residences in the form of large custom prints, glass, mosiac tile and wall murals.



Wall Graphics at entrance to coral reef exhibit 9 ft high X 25ft wide Aquarium of the Pacific


“Kelp Forest windows” 13 ft high X 126 ft wide Aquarium of the Pacific

Extreme Resolution images of Bloody bay Marine park Little Cayman Museum



Interactive Coral Fluorescence Display Creatures of Light

Creatures of Light

“Creatures of Light” is a large immersive exhibit showcasing nature’s organisms that blink, glow, flash, and glitter, produced by the American Museum of Natural History. Opening first in New York City in Marc 2012, the exhibit was designed to travel to other museums and science centers over a 10 year period. It has been featured at the Field Museum in Chicago and the Fernbank Natural History Museum in Atlanta among others. Proving to be the most succesful exhibit produced by AMNH, the exhibit schedule was extended another 5 years until 2027.
Little Cayman Museum

“Kelp Forest windows” 13 ft high X 126 ft wide Aquarium of the Pacific

Little Cayman Museum

Images from the “Return to Bloody Bay” and “Grouper Moon” projects are on display at the Little Cayman Museum. Completely renovated and reopened to the public in 2014, the museum includes historical items from the personal collection of museum founder Linton Tibbetts along with curated exhibits preserving the history, people and rich, colorful culture of Little Cayman.



Cayman Brac Beach Resort

Little Cayman Beach Resort
Southern Cross Club
Sunset House

Other Commercial Projects


25ft wide stingray wallpaper and fine art prints Hertz Grand Cayman

25ft wide X 75 ft high tile mosaic Camana Bay Observation Tower

65 ft image composition and room wrap Reef Environmental Education Foundation

120 ft photo composite image design and full room wrap in dive training classroom Ocean Enterprises