"Creatures of Light" traveling exhibit

Stunning 9 foot high X 16 ft wide lifesize coral reef image demonstrates bifluorescence at the American Museum of Natural History, NY.

Working with a group of scientists studying coral fluorescence, Jim produced a fluorescence version of the reef wall at Bloody Bay, leading to an exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History. "Creatures of Light" was one of the museums most successful exhibits. Most recently appearing at the Field museum in Chicago, Creatures of Light will travel to several more venues through 2022.

Lifesize 2.6 Gigapixel image

Interactive Edcucational Kiosk

Interactive kiosks allow visitors to explore biofluorescence in living corals and fish. An area of interest is defined and moved around the lifesize reef image allows the viewer to toggle between daylight and fluorescent lighting. Informational panels pop up with educational information.



Fine Art prints - Biofluorescence Series

Elegant Archival Prints

Limited edition fine art prints are available from this project in sizes up to 120" Each print is UV protected and mounted to a thick aluminum composite that is both elegant and lightweight.


At Left: "Great Wall Fluorescence", 33 X 90 fine art print on aluminum