Camana Bay Observation Tower

Five Story high Cayman Coral Reef Wall reproduced in hand-cut Italian glass tiles

A public attraction in Grand Cayman where visitors can "walk" up a Cayman Coral Reef. A composite image of a Cayman coral reef wall was created from high resolution photographic images to match the architecture of the new construction.




Italian Glass Tile Mosaic

Over 3 Million Hand-cut Tiles

The image was rendered in over 3 million hand-cut Italian glass tiles installed on the inside wall of the 5 story tower. The high resolution image produced for this project is available for licensing for use in architectural or custom art projects. It can be used as high resolution imagery to decorate themed environments or reproduced as custom art in any cropping and size.


Fine Art print - Camana Bay Reef

Elegant Archival Prints

A limited edition fine art print of Camana Bay reef is available in sizes up to 120" Each print is UV protected and mounted to a thick aluminum composite that is both elegant and lightweight. A recessed satin aluminum frame floats the the print one inch from the wall.