California Kelp Forest in Glass

Spectacular 12 ft high X 125 ft wide Kelp Forest image reproduced in glass windows at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, CA.

Produced specifically for this award-winning life-size installation, this image is truly a one-of-a-kind seascape - a life-size underwater image of a California Giant Kelp Forest.




Lifesize 2.6 Gigapixel image

2.6 Gigapixel Image

The 2.6 gigapixel image produced for this project is available for licensing for use in other architectural or art projects. It can be used as high resolution wallpaper to decorate themed environments or reproduced as custom art in any cropping and size.



Fine Art prints - Kelp Forest Series

Elegant Archival Prints

Fifteen individual fine art prints are available from this project in sizes up to 120" Each print is UV protected and mounted to a thick aluminum composite that is both elegant and lightweight.


At Left: "San Clemente Morning", 40 X 110 fine art print on aluminum